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Just released 2020 The 4th Book in the Two Wiener Dog Books!  
ALSO... "Madame Olga's Fortune Cards GAME"  Re-released October 2019


This book is a way to teach children to spell words out loud when they see hyphens in between the letters. The Wiener Dog Book is written so as to help children understand why we spell words sometimes when we want to refrain from speaking the word. It also can help a child who is learning to read aloud to spell a word when they see the hyphen between the letters. This is a sweet book about the Wiener Dogs going on a W-A-L-K, and about the many things that we will spell instead of say to them so they don't get too excited!



This book is 2nd in the series of The Two Wiener Dogs books. This edition, the Two Wiener Dogs learn to add and subtract by counting many things while on a walk. We learn to count things every day, and the many friends that they meet as well as the things they encounter. We can all learn to see a hyphen between the numbers and know that we can say them outloud. The Two Wieners have fun counting and so can you!




In this Two Wiener Dog Series 3 book, the Wieners teach us about colors, and how to mix them to create other colors. The Wiener Dogs are going to the Community Center to help get their feet dipped in paint, and let loose on a large canvas. Join the fun while all the animals romp and play on the canvas to make beautiful colors.




This book is the 4th in my educational children's books with the Two Wiener Dogs learning the names of flowers. Trudy and Schnitzel are accompanied by their puppy friends, and while on their walk to the park see many colorful and beautiful flowers along the way. The reading level of this book is about 8 years old and up. This is a good way to identify flowers and also to count how many flowers each of the pups can name while on their walk through the neighborhood. Join them while they meet up with many of their very good friends while they discover many beautiful and colorful flowers.

This book is written to help those who are having problems with family, friends, partners, workmates, or acquaintances addicted to substances. When I say unconscious people, I mean those who are numbing themselves and have been mixing and matching drugs and alcohol. As well as prescription and illegal drug mixing, people are striving to become unconscious. I am hoping to achieve some peace in knowing the people who are trying to become unconscious are just in need of a little motivation, goals, and good friends to help them through. I have listed information and some ideas to help get you through someone else's addictions. I am here to help anytime, and hopefully we can do this together.

This book will help understand Baby Boomers better, explain our youth, and shake hands with the Millennial Generation. We, as Boomers, need to extend a hand and help join forces with the younger people to make our planet a better place. We can help each assorted generation to learn about each other. The time is now for all of us to learn about each generation, share stories and help the younger people to know what the older folks have been going through all these years. The information in this book helps to suggest better ways to join forces with younger people and unite with common goals and wonderful successes. The way each generation has handled the country's changes is exposed and we reveal that every person who occupies this planet has a purpose. We are all joined by common ground as citizens of this country, but the different generations have lost effectiveness over the new ways the 21st century is maintained.

How to feel confident and powerful while voting with a different way of thinking.


We belong to a group of people who are very tired of the same old results from the same old voters.  This Voting Bitchfest will specify criticism of the way we are forced to vote.  Please.  We are not that stupid, and political crap does not easily sway most of us.  We want to be having a blast pissing rich and powerful people off and helping humanity at the same time.  Our Democracy is at stake here, and somehow we must fight to keep our unique government intact Let's get together and make this one big voting party and speak louder than the rest!

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