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Weird Science Band Members

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Ronie Jay Pirrello - – Bass – Vocals –What a powerhouse singer, bass player, and showman ! Ronnie Jay is the founder of Weird Science, and packs a punch on the bass while singing lead to make a crowd wanna party !  Ronnie is a seasoned performer, with the talent and enthusiasm to bring the best 80's rooves to the venue or event.  Ronnie is a most valued member in Weird Science, with his bottom end bass lines, and extraordinary harmonica playing as well! 


Annie Bertucci – Keyboards/ Vocals - Annie loves entertaining and always enjoys every musical event where she plays” Annie maintains a professional and expanded vocal range of all types of music. Interacting fully with an audience, it sure is truly a “love thing” for Annie.  Her performances are high energy, and always giving the audience all of her musical attention.  You will love the team all together for one talented bunch of entertainers. 



Kevin Strever – Lead Guitar – Vocals - “A true faithful performer of guitar leads, rhythms, and enhancements to this rocking band.”  Kevin has the stage presence, excellent guitar work, lead/background vocals, and a compassion for production and overall sound.  What a great guitar player adding such texture to this band.  He is a force of musicianship to be reckoned with.



Barbara LePine– Drums – Vocals “Such a powerful bottom end to this band is a hard-hitting and solid drummer”  Barbara is an anchor to the groove, dynamics, with true timber in her playing. Adding lead vocals and backgrounds, Barbara is a true talent. She is known for taking delight and pleasure in her performances vocally and on the drums.  All audiences  applaud her tremendous vocals,  steady dance beats, and her rocking sound.  

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