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Danny Brown

Danny Brown - Lead Vocals 

Born in Tyler, Texas, Danny Brown is one of the founding members of Midnight Blues Band. No stranger to the stage, Danny has been seen on Showtime, and done theater in Los Angeles as well- having appeared in “Sweet Water Blues” and “Satch’s Place”. 2005 and 2006 saw Danny nominated for Best Male Blues Artist at The Los Angeles Black Music Awards. His persona, charisma, and deeply felt renditions of the material make Danny Brown the type of performer that truly commands attention.

Annie Bertucci

Annie Bertucci – Keyboards / Vocals 

Northern California born and raised, Annie has honed her skills in keyboards and vocal additions for years recording, writing, touring and performing for the world for the last 43 years with 3 recorded albums released worldwide.  Doing concerts, touring, and also military MWR tours over the last 15 years, Annie has performed all over the world entertaining our troops playing music and wowing the crowds.  Annie’s blend with Donny Brown is a force to be reckoned with!  What a fun and dynamic performer who proves that she is a “small package of musical dynamite”

Dan Manser

Dan Manser – Bass / Vocals: 

A native Californian, Co-founder Dan Manser not only provides the band with a tight, solid bottom line on his left handed bass that you can feel as well as hear, he helps make the bands rhythm section one of the tightest around. He also manages the band watching out for the band’s financial bottom line, handling the majority of the band’s business. He brings a solid, tight energy to the band, yet easy going; it’s easy to see why he’s the band’s “go to guy” and one of our area’s most respected musicians.

Robert Bramwell

Robert Bramwell – Lead Guitar / Vocals: 

Born in Winnipeg Canada, Co-Founder Robert Bramwell gets notice as soon as he plugs in his guitar. His mastery of the guitar along with the intensity of his delivery, and his showmanship combine with his stature to create a force to be reckoned with. With a multitude of styles from Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Classical, Robert adds a multitude of textures by way of a fabulous collection of instruments, style and his creativity.

Joe Caliva – Drums / Vocals 


 Joe brings to the Midnight Blues Band his passion for playing and directing the flow with his control and timber in executing a solid drum bottom.    Joe’s understanding of tempo, meter, and dynamics, is a major reason why the band can excite a crowd. He has performed with many Major bands and musicians as well as recording artists, his experience and natural talent adds to making our rhythm section one of the tightest around.

Joe Caliva

Band Bio

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